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December 7, 2012

We’ve ended

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Hey Everyone,

Sorry to let you know this but we decided it was too much work to keep blogging on this website about club penguin every day. I don’t know how famous bloggers like Paintboy100 have the time to do this but we just don’t.

If you need the new club penguin cheats or trackers just visit one of their sites like and you should be able to get all the new cheats there. We’ve moved on to playing a few different games now as we’ve gotten older but still love our time playing club penguin so we’ve decided to leave this blog up to help out anyone else out there.

Also it’s kind of cool to go back and look at all the old guides and secrets from the early days of CP.

Sorry again,

Enjoy your time online!


April 12, 2012

Club Penguin Field Ops 77 – Cheats and Tutorial Guides

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Looking for the Field Ops 77 cheats and guides?! Well you have come to the right place because we already have the newest one up for you to check out. This is the Field Op for Thursday April 12, 2012

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April 6, 2012

Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt Cheats 2012

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The annual Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt has begun. In this year’s Easter Egg Hunt, there are eight eggs you must find before receiving the prize. Some of you penguins may not be able to find all the

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March 26, 2012

Club Penguin Rookie Tracker – April 2012

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The first and only 100% accurate club penguin Rookie Tracker is now released in April 2012 to help you find rookies location on club penguin! Also the Trackers will be updated in the next week for

View The Tracker

March 24, 2012

Club Penguin Cake Pin Cheats

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Club Penguin has recently released a new pin. This new pin is called the “Cake”. You could obtain and receive it at the Book Room on Club Penguin.

To get to the book room you just need to follow

Cake Pin

March 23, 2012

Beta Test Game of the Week – Rappelz

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From this point forward we are going to feature a game of the week for all of our users to beta test! These games are available for all team paintboy100 users and only for team paintboy100 users.

Game of the Week

Club Penguin New Featured Igloo – Bultaco89

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Club Penguin has recently released a new featured igloo. The owner of this igloo is a penguin with the name of Bultaco89. You could see his igloo, below.

I really like the decorative puffle

More Club Penguin Cheats

March 22, 2012

Field Ops 74 Cheats – Club Penguin Tutorial

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Hey Penguins,

The new club penguin field ops mission is coming out today, mission 74, and we are creating this cheats guide to help you beat this EPF mission as quickly as possibly and get your

Read Field Ops 74

Club Penguin April Fools Party Cheats 2012

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Hey Penguins,

It’s about that time in 2012 for the annual club penguin April fools party cheats and it looks like it’s going to be a good one! From the looks of it club penguin is going to be

April Fools Cheats

March 21, 2012

Club Penguin April Fools Day Party and Scavenger Hint Cheats

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Today the April Fools Day party has been released along with a scavenger hunt! Here is all the cheats for the scavenger hunt.

For all the items, you will need to enter the Box Dimension. If you

April Fools Cheats…

Club Penguin April Fools Day Party and Scavenger Hint Cheats

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Today the April Fools Day party has been released along with a scavenger hunt! Here is all the cheats for the scavenger hunt.

For all the items, you will need to enter the Box Dimension. If you

Continue Guide…

Club Penguin Times Issue #330

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Club Penguin has recently released a new edition of the Club Penguin Times. The main topic in this issue talks about how Rockhopper and Gary are getting prepared for the upcoming Club Penguin Party,

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March 20, 2012

Club Penguin Cheats – Penguin Of the Week Contest!

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Hey Penguins,

It’s time for the penguin of the week contest on penguin cheats cp! This mystery picture is a mega zoomed in version of something from club penguin! All you need to do to enter in

Read CP Cheats…

March 19, 2012

Field Ops 72 Cheats – Step by Step Tutorial Guide

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Well guess what?! It is time for another field ops cheat and we are here to give you the step by step tutorial guide for it. This will be Field Op 72 and it should not be that hard for you to

Read Field Ops 73

Club penguin Field Ops 71 Cheats

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Today while waddling on club penguin, I’ve noticed a new Field Op! This weeks Field op isn’t that hard and shouldn’t take long to complete! The new filed op is located on Rockhoppers Migrator and

Read Field ops 71

Puffle Party Cheats 2012 – Club Penguin Guide March

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Hey Penguins,

If you haven’t heard the new club penguin puffle party is heret for march 2012 and we will be updating you right away with all the new CP cheats! This is the first year ever that

Read CP Cheats…

March 21, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

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Hey everybody here are the locations of the eggs.

1.In the Mine in the lamp on the roof.

2.At the Dock on the wooden walk way.

3.In the Pet Shop on the right side in a cage.

4.In the Book Room on the top self.

5.In the Gift Shop on the poster to the right.

6.In the Plaza the egg is one of the lights on the Stage building.

7.In the big box thats in the lodge attic.

8.In the Dojo moving from wall to wall.

And the prize is green bunny ears.

srry i cant get pics my computer is alittle messed up at the moment im trying really hard to get it to work right.

If you have a chance and like minecraft check out this sweet new website called Games Similar to Minecraft


March 14, 2008

Pin & Party Item

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Hey everybody a free item came out Saint Patrick’s day party.

The free item is a hat and it is in the Ski Village.


And the Book Pin is in the Boiler Room.


The party is fun it has alot of things that were there last year.


March 10, 2008

Improvment Project Finished

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Hey everybody just wanted to say that the new Club Penguin improvment project is dont and here is a pic of what it looks like i dont want to tell you everything if i did i would be ruining it so im not going to tell you everything but here is a pic of the inside.


Here is the link to the site

If you click were it says server test you can become a test penguin but its only for a short time.Click there to learn more.


March 9, 2008

Chewy Needs Your Help

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Hey everybody i met Chewy on Club Penguin loged in as Mohd and he asked me if i could help him get unbanned and he is a really good friend so i want to help him out in any way possible but im going to need your help so can you guys contact Club Penguin and ask if they could unbann chewy i will be doing the same thing and i think chewy would be real happy if you guys helped out and for the people that do help i got something planned that everyone will enjoy but its going to be a suprise only for the people that help chewy out.So please do what you can to help chewy out.


Mohd’s Site Unsespended

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Hey everybody Mohd’s site is unsespended and he left a comment and he seemed really happy and i just wanted to thank everyone that helped him out i bet he is really grateful.


March 8, 2008

Mohd’s Suspended Site

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Well it seems that Mohd’s site has been suspended and i think he would like it if you guys helped him out by contacting wordpress and asking if they could shorten the suspencion time i think he would really be grateful.


Catalog Secrets

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1.The Green Snorkel is in the Admiral Jackets pocket thing.


2.The Viking Helmet is on the sea shell of the murmaid outfit.


There is also a new wig in the wig catalog.


March 1, 2008

New Pin

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Hey everybody this is a little late but i told you that i would post today so here is were the new pin is.

The new pin is at the swimming pool underground.


Club Penguin Improvment Project

Club Penguin is working on a project that i think is going to be cool but we still have some time before its done here is a pic.In this pic the vault is already open.


If you want to see the site click the link

News Broadcast:Hey Everybody just wanted to let you guys know that me and my friend are starting our own TV show and they are going to be comedy videos and we just thought of a production we and going to call it G+P Productions G+P stands for Gekko and Penguin but we are still getting things together so it might be awhile till we start making the videos but once we start i will let you know so you can tell me what you think of them.


Now Im Back

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Sorry everybody i told you that i would be posting again in no time but i was gone i went on a cruise it was so boring but this time im back for sure i will be posting the newest stuff about Club Penguin tomarrow and srry i didnt tell you about the cruise before i left but my mom was in such a hurry.


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