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February 16, 2008

Sorry Everybody

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Hey everybody sorry i havnt been posting ive had the flu for a couple days now and its just been kicking my butt but i should be over the flu pretty soon i feel alot better than i did so i should be posting again in no time.



February 1, 2008

Pin & Catalog Secrets

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The pin is a rowboat and it is in the lighthouse under the Rockhopper picture.


1.The first secret is in the White Admiral Jacket


2.The last secret is in the Russian Hat



January 25, 2008

New Igloo Music

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There is some new music for your igloo here is a pic the first three are the new ones.



January 24, 2008

Small boat

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Hey everybody a small boat has appeared from Rockhopper at the Beach you should go check it out it comes with a free item a Life Jacket.



January 23, 2008

Mission 6 Guide

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Update at bottom of post 

Here is the new mission guide 

The food poisening is finally gone i feel lot better but a little weak this is the first time ive walked in about 4 day but i should get my strength back soon thanks for your support everybody.


January 20, 2008

Little Problem

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It seems i got some things in the Fiesta Pary post wrong but i fixed it ive just not beed able to concetrate i got a little food poisening from chinese food and i have been laying in bed so my brain is a little on edge but everything should be fixed if you spot something wrong just tell me and i will fix it as soon as possible.

New post at


January 18, 2008

Fiesta Party and Pin

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1.The miracas are in the Night Club just like last year

2.The pin is in the donkey at the forest move your curser over the donkey twice and the pin will come out.


January 11, 2008

New Play

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Hey everybody there is a new play at the stage here is a pic of the name.


For Planet Cazmo stuff go to


January 5, 2008

January 2008 Catalog

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 New post on

1.Click the cactus next to the word fiesta to get the viking helmet.


Click the blue backpack to get the coffee aprin


3.The new pin is in the boiler room next to the plug



January 3, 2008

Planet Cazmo

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Hey everybody i joined Planet Cazmo like 5 days ago and it is fun on Planet Cazmo my name is Tensa Zangetsu and i made a site called it has cheats and everything so check it out when you get a chance and if you are already joined try and find Tensa Zangetsu so we can talk sometime and if you havent joined yet and would like to go to and sign up its free.


January 1, 2008

Thank God

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Thank god Aguair is ok i couldnt stop thinking about what happened to get an update on what happened go to and while your there send aguair a comment im pretty sure he would like to hear from you when he gets home in a couple weeks.

Mohd222 needs your help he might have to close his site after the holidays so go to his site and see if there is anything you can do.Here is a link to his site


December 31, 2007

Aguair Needs Your Support

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Aguair needs your help one of Aguairs friends told me he is in a Coma from what i know it says on his website he was going to a friends house on his bike and a car hit him and now he has a Coma and is at the hospital so can you please go to Aguairs site and write him a get well comment.

Here is his site so you can give him your best,and wish him luck

Hope you get better Aguair


December 28, 2007

New Year Celebration & Ice Berg

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The New Year Celebration has started go to the ice berg to see the fire works.


And if you look threw the telescope on the beacon and wait a couple seconds you will see an ice berg float by i think club penguin is going to start talking about Global Warming.



December 21, 2007

Christmas Party Stuff

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 Updated Post

Their are 4 free items

1.The Raindeer antlers are at the Dock


2.The Santa Hat is at the Snow Forts


3.The Wreath pin is at the Lodge Attic


4.The Christmas Scarf is at the Ski Village



December 14, 2007

Coins For Change

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Coins For Change has started and i really want to encourage you guys and gals to collect coins it goes for a very good cause.

Coins For Change is in the plaza and it comes with a free bell.


Also there is a new show at The Stage



December 7, 2007

Clothing Catalog and Pin

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 Update at bottom of post

1.Swim Goggles…You click on clearance


2.Viking Helmet…click on the snow flake


And the pin is on the plant in the coffee shop


Sorry this is alittle late but there are some new emotions on club penguin but they took two of them away.



November 30, 2007

Yellow Puffle Actions

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 Update at bottom of post

Here are the stuff the yellow puffle does.


For exursise the puffle paints a painting.


When batheing the yellow puffle puts in paints in the water and then jumps in.


When the yellow puffle eats a cookie he bites part off and wears it as a mask.


When the yellow puffle eats he makes his food into one of those wierd things that are in the coffee shop and then eats it.


When the yellow puffle blows a bubble he draws a smiley on it.


When the yellow puffle sleeps he dreams he is a super hero.


When you exurcise when all the bars are full the yellow puffle films a movie.


When you are walking your yellow puffle and dance he will rock back and forth while singing and you will see music notes coming out of his mouth.

Hope you love the new puffle.


November 29, 2007

Adoptable Yellow Puffles Friday November 30th

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The Yellow Puffles are coming out tomarrow and i think they are going to be cool they are like no other puffle and they look cool in that hat its wearing.

I will post pics of everything the new puffle does tomarrow when it comes out.


November 23, 2007

Western Party

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The western Party is here and some free stuff came back.

The Bandana is in the plaza


The pin is in the Cove on the hay stack.


One of the player card backgrounds are in the Forest pined on the cactus.


The second player card background is in the Dock



November 16, 2007

The Stage

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Hey everybody The Stage is finally finished and the first play is Space Adventure.


Click on both of the puffles faces and the Yellow Puffle will appear on one of the balconies,To get on the balconie just walk up on the stage and click on the balconie.


Here is the first page of the Stage Clothing Catalog


Click image for full view

Here is the second part of the Stage Clothing Catalog


Click image for full view

The Script is at the bottom right and it had 6 pages of phrases to say one all you have to do is click on one and your penguin will say it.Here a pic of the first page so you get a general idea of what it is like.



November 10, 2007

Rockhopper,Pin & Building almost finished

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The UFO pin is in the lounge


Here are the Rockhopper Items


Click image for full view

And the building is almost finished


and people keep asking me to put them on my blogroll well stop asking read the blogroll text on the right on the navbar if you have all those steps done i will put you on my blogroll but if you dont and ask me anyway i will never add you to my blogroll and im not being mean its just that you are being greedy.

Here is what it says if you dont have these dont ask and if you dont have these and ask anyway i will never add you to my blogroll.and read above it says more about this.


And please do not addvertise or put the link to your site anywere on my site i did not make this just so you can addvertise on it and if you do i will just delete it.


November 8, 2007

Mission 5 Guide

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Hey everybody here is the guide for mission 5


November 6, 2007

Mission 5

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Hey everybody Mission 5 is out but i cant get a video yet because i cant find any but once i find one i will post it as soon as i can.


November 4, 2007

New Server

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Update at the end of post 

Hey everybody just wanted to tell you that i will not be in mammoth anymore i will be in frozen and frozen is located in the United Kingdoms server in the second column at the top.

Heres a sneak peek for the new mission

Hey everybody just wanted to tell you that CP is having some friend list problems some of your recent friends will be deleted from your list so if you add someone i would wait alittle bit before loging out because if you dont that person will be deleted from your list.

Catalog Secrets Below


November 3, 2007

Thanks Everyone

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Hey everyone thanks to you im allowed to keep the site but the site has to keep getting views if the site doesnt get that many views i am going to have to shut it down.

Viking Helmet


Red Guitar


Swim Goggles


Orange Football Helmet



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